Morphe 8H باليت مورفي الكونتور والاهلايتر والبرونز

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We’re just a little obsessed with this palette for tan to deep skin tones. And by a little, we mean a lot. Made to slay IRL or on IG, this eye-catching array of perfect-for-you shades is THE trick for creating looks that are full of depth and dimension. Each of the four matte contouring shades and four High Impact highlighter shades is ultra-smooth and blends like a dream—hello, cheekbones. * Smooth, creamy formulas
    * Super blendable
    #nofilter finish
    * BIG BANG (glitzy gold) * BEAM (iced champagne) * VENUS (shimmering sunset gold) * MIRAGE (metallic copper) * DONUT (matte hazelnut) * DEBUTANTE (matte toasted tan) * BLOGGER (matte terra-cotta) * FABULOUS (matte sienna)) * .

  • .باليت مورفي يتكون من ٨ درجات من الكونتور والهايلايتر والبرونز والبنانا سهل الدمج والبقمنت عالي .. .

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