MORPHE BRUSHE فرش مورفي الوجه

١٨٥ ر.س

Meet 5 essential synthetic and natural face brushes that have you covered in creating your next hot look.COLLECTION INCLUDES:Pro Flat Buffer Brush: Skip the photo filter when you have this dense, kabuki-style buffing brush.Deluxe Pointed Contour Brush: Define those fine, fine features of yours with this sleek, tapered brush.Deluxe Angle Brush: Cheek it out with this blush brush for precise, controlled application.Precision Pointed Powder Brush: Place powder in just the right spot with this luxuriously fluffy brush.Deluxe Highlight Fan Brush: Fan the flames with this feather-light highlighter brush.Luxe Case.كوليكشن الهوليداي لمورفي لميلاد اديشن وانتهى من الموقع اللي حابه تلحق على الفرش .الفرش تضم ٥ فرش للوجه فرش أساسيه للوجه .

  • ١٨٥ ر.س
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